Rioplus2011 June

Rio+20 begins with too much to decide in too little time

Sergio Abranches

Rio+20’s agenda is very broad, and delegates will have very little time to deal with all the issues. Negotiators have lost several weeks quarreling over almost every paragraph of a draft of resolutions to end up with 80 messy pages, 75% of which bracketed, i.e. undecided. More »

Commentary14 November

Can APEC Deal Help COP17 Climate Change Talks?

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) countries may become a good example of how to deal politically with deadlocking issues. At their summit in Honolulu last week,they agreed to reduce import tariffs to boost trade in products that cut fossil fuel use and reduce pollution.  More »

Article05 January

The Global Reach of EPA Rulings on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Sergio Abranches (for The Great Energy Challenge)

When president Barack Obama arrived in Copenhagen for the Summit of chiefs of government, Congress was still discussing a comprehensive climate and energy bill. Expectations were set too high for COP15. Most delegates and environmentalists hoped that Obama would lead the way towards a global climate agreement. EPA administrator Lisa Jackson explained on a side event her agency would soon start regulating carbon emissions. More »

Analysis27 November

The Copenhagen climate summit gains political muscle, but still lacks scientific substance

The last round of pre-COP15 announcements by countries pivotal to closing a firm deal in Copenhagen have added political weight to a summit that was about to wither away. COP15 seemed to be about to flop, particularly after the unfortunate joint US-China statement in Singapore, during the APEC meeting.

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Analysis15 November

Can the US Congress set the global climate change agenda?

APEC has become the opportunity for the US to try to recast the expectations about Copenhagen. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had already forewarned that the US was “100-percent committed to creating a framework agreement, not a legally binding treaty.”

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Op-Ed06 November

Will Copenhagen flop or cope? There is still hope.

With Barcelona just waiting for the final plenary session, all hopes of a breakthrough seem to have already vanished.

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