Commentary30 March

Global investment in clean energy shows strong recovery in 2010

Sérgio Abranches

Investments in clean energy were the  least harmed by the subprime and global financial crises. In Asia and Europe they’ve only decelerated in 2009, to resume a faster passe in 2010. In the Americas they’ve declined, but less than investment in other sectors of the economy. In the U.S. they’ve become a focal point of the recovery program. More »

Article23 March

Labor conflict paralyzes controversial hydropower projects in the Brazilian Amazon

Sergio Abranches

The Amazon hydropower work site at the Jirau dam, in the state o Rondonia, Northern Brazil, has been occupied by the military of the National Guard after 22,000 workers rebelled against poor work conditions. The works at its sibling Santo Antonio dam have stopped due to a sequence of 16,000 workers’ strikes. They are very controversial projects on all counts, but the government has remained aloof to the environmentalists’ criticism, to negative technical appraisals, and even to the skepticism of many investors.
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Commentary20 March

The Libyan conflict now calls for strong political and diplomatic action

Military action imposing a no-fly zone over part of Libya, would only crystallize a divided Libya, without an aggressive political and diplomatic campaign. Such a campaign should aim at promoting the conditions for a peaceful and free regime change in Libya.

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