Visual30 June

The Coalition of the Willing

The ‘Coalition of the Willing’: how to galvanize and enlist the global publics in the fight against global warming. More »

Op-Ed14 June

Bonn: no “grand accord” possible

Sergio Abranches

The preparatory Climate Change meeting in Bonn has closed showing small progress. It should be clear by now that UNFCCC will never lead to a “grand accord”. More »

Analysis12 June

Political threats to the Brazilian rainforest

Sergio Abranches
How can a supposedly communist legislator champion the interests of traditional landowners, and seek amnesty to illegal logging, often associated with violent land-grabbing and force-labor? The Brazilian House is right now discussing a bill proposing changes in the Forestry Code Law that does exactly that. The proposal under discussion was drafted by communist deputy Aldo Rebelo, a former Speaker of the House during President Lula’s first term in office. More »

Feature02 June

Brazil drops incentives to electric cars

Sergio Abranches

After a few days of internal squabbling president Lula decided to drop a proposal from the Ministers of Finance and Science & Technology to launch a program to incentivize domestic production of electric cars.

More »

Op-Ed01 June

Climate Politics 2010: after Copenhagen

Sergio Abranches

We should not expect too much from the first climate talks after Copenhagen, now taking place in Bonn. There are still some political obstacles to tackle before we can get any real further progress. More »