COP15, Treks05 January

Twitter meets climate change

Wandering across the corridors formed by the long tables in the Bella Center’s Media Center, I could see that most of the journalists there were using Twitter.

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Analysis, COP1530 December

Cosmopolitics in Copenhagen

Sergio Abranches

My computer screen showed climate militants marching and facing police blockades over the streets of Copenhagen and in the neighborhood of Bella Center. On the TV screens spread all over the crowded Media Center journalists could watch a plenary session of COP15, where government delegates discussed the most pressing global threat of the 21st Century. More »

COP1520 December

COP15: failure more positive than muddling through

The political deal was incomplete and failed to deliver to the expectations the world leaders have raised. COP15 ended the best way it could, after the key players left Bella Center suddenly. The moment it was known they would not collectively report the result of a day of intense top level negotiations, failure was the only conclusion possible.

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COP1518 December

Obama said yes, but…

Obama’s speech all about two paragraphs

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COP1518 December

The first draft of the Copenhagen Agreement – leaked a few hours ago

Here is what may be the basis for the world leaders negotiation today. More »

COP1517 December

The Copenhagen Summit

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown will chair the first true session of the Copenhagen Summit starting in minutes at Bella Center, after a formal dinner with the Queen of Denmark. He articulated and mobilized the will and power of the decisive world leaders to close a deal in Copenhagen. President Nicholas Sarkozy and Chancellor Angela Merkl sided with him on a task that seemed impossible to many.

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