Article26 January

Our environment is full of clouds and the clock is ticking

Are people who write about climate change and environmental issues destined to become doomsayers?

This question returned to my mind while I was reading the World Meteorological Organization’s review of 2010 significant weather and climate events. I was looking for a broader context to comment on the major weather-related tragedy on record that happened in Brazil. Three weeks ago more than 1,000 people died from flash floods and mudslides in three cities located on the hills near Rio de Janeiro, where I live. More »

Treks07 January

A lesson on the relative meaning of failure, on empathy and imagination

I found this video of J. K. Rowling’s 2008 commencement speech at Harvard via a Tweet from @marshallroberts. I happened to have spent most of the afternoon thinking about the violence that is corrupting humanness, causing unimaginable suffering, besides taking human lives in Congo. More »

Article05 January

The Global Reach of EPA Rulings on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Sergio Abranches (for The Great Energy Challenge)

When president Barack Obama arrived in Copenhagen for the Summit of chiefs of government, Congress was still discussing a comprehensive climate and energy bill. Expectations were set too high for COP15. Most delegates and environmentalists hoped that Obama would lead the way towards a global climate agreement. EPA administrator Lisa Jackson explained on a side event her agency would soon start regulating carbon emissions. More »