Feature30 October

Are we heading to a skeleton agreement for a piecemeal climate policy in Copenhagen?

Only 37 days before COP15 in Copenhagen, pragmatic proposals for a new framework agreement leaving detailing to be negotiated ex-post are gaining force.

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Op-Ed27 October

How to persuade people about the need for climate action now?

The Asimov Paradox on how to persuade people about the urgency of climate action.

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Analysis23 October

It’s not about the media, it is about the Public

It goes far beyond a change in technology. It is a paradigm shift.

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interview22 October

China could be more cooperative in Copenhagen

China’s rulers still have some cards in hand to play at negotiations in Copenhagen. China is likely to be more cooperative and to help seal a global deal at COP-15. See my interview with professor Wei Liang, of the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Wei Liang is Assistant Professor of International Policy Studies and a Research Fellow in the Center for East Asian Studies. She teaches Global Politics, Public Policy, Introduction to Trade Policy, The China Factor, and International Trade Negotiation Simulation.

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Treks20 October

Copenhagen: Trimming or watering down the deal?

Some would say the Copenhagen deal will be streamlined. Others will argue it is losing substance. The signs coming out of the Major Economies Forum – MEF, held in London this Monday, are that developed countries are relenting on their demand that emerging economies agree to commit to long-term targets to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Many representatives of major developed countries stressed that they see intermediate targets for 2020 as more relevant.

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Analysis, Feature19 October

Under the shadow of guns: drug lords’ tyrannical fiefdom in Brazil

Last weekend, central urban areas of Rio de Janeiro were once again a theater for war among drug gangs fighting to take each other’s control of drug fiefdoms. The police intervened and the battle became a tripartite one: gangs fighting each other and the police fighting both.

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