COP1629 November

Should we assess Cancun using the same criteria we’ve used for Copenhagen?

Sergio Abranches

It is by now clear Cancun will not host a summit of chiefs of states and government. The absence of rulers has been viewed as a sign that COP16 has become unimportant. Does it make any sense? More »

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Analysis, COP1624 November

Shifting contexts: why effective action on climate change will be delayed

Sergio Abranches

Politics and climate are often at odds with each other. The best scientific evidence shows a continuous and accelerating trend towards climate change. Each year of inaction represents higher costs in the future. More »

Analysis, COP1612 November

Will the G20 help Cancun to succeed?

Sergio Abranches

The leaders of the G20 have pledged that they “will spare no effort to reach a balanced and successful outcome in Cancun.” Will this really come through? More »

Analysis01 November

Shift happens: how Brazil will change with the outcome of the presidential election

Sérgio Abranches

The election of Dilma Rousseff, Lula’s personal pick and former top aide, as next President of Brazil will trigger several important political shifts in the country.

More »