Feature29 March

Conflict minerals and corporate responsibility

Sergio Abranches

Heavy-weights of the computer and electronic industries have joined forces to rid their supply-chains from “blood minerals” coming from the Congo’s militarized mines. More »

Feature23 March

Minerals of blood in our computers and cell phones?

High-tech is linked to war and brutality not only through the arms industry. Computers, cellphones, and other electronic equipment can be part of a shocking connection of highly advanced technology with human suffering, forced labor and unending war. Does it sound too preposterous?

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Op-Ed16 March

A present danger

Sergio Abranches

Climate-related risks and greening the supply-chain are common features of most presentations about sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Sometimes they are presented as “trends” or future threats. But they are not something that will happen in the future. They are already part of the daily affairs of most companies. And they are inseparable from each other. More »

Op-Ed10 March

Climate diplomacy: Copenhagen versus Kyoto

Now that China and India have formally adhered to the Copenhagen Accord, climate diplomacy has two different ways to go. And they’re not comparable, nor totally compatible.

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Analysis05 March

Sustainability: a task for market leaders

Sérgio Abranches

Sustainability cannot be a solitary quest of a few heroic companies. It has to be a collective action within and across the major supply chains of the economy. Yet, larger corporations have a leading role to get any real progress in greening the supply chain. More »

Analysis01 March

There are no natural disasters, only social catastrophes

Sergio Abranches

Put together an extreme natural event, a vulnerable population and a reckless government and a social catastrophe is very likely to obtain. The cost: a large preventable death toll. More »