Op-Ed28 September

There is some hope for a climate deal in Copenhagen

But the odds against an effective deal are increasing. The NYC Climate Summit and the G20 meeting did not break the deadlock. Negotiators are working on a raft agreement in Bangkok this week. Meanwhile the UN has released the latest draft.

Sergio Abranches

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Treks23 September

We’re crossing the planetary boundaries, and it may have disastrous consequences for us

We we are on a hazardous route for some time:  exceeding the safe limits of greenhouse gases emissions, pollution and other forms of extracting the planet’s resources as well as throwing the remains of our activities on its atmosphere, water and soil.

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Treks22 September

NY Climate Summit: not a breakthrough, but one step ahead towards sealing the deal.

The future of the Copenhagen deal is in part being played today in New York City. The Climate Summit has already gained diplomatic significance.

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Analysis21 September

Brazil may be heading for the longest presidential campaign of its recent political history

Sérgio Abranches

The country is approaching the first marks of the 2010 election calendar. October 3 is the last day for candidates to register with a party to become eligible for candidacy.

Analysis18 September

You know, complacence is back…

Is the financial crisis over? Is the global economy any different from before the meltdown? Have the governments done their homework? Are we any safer?

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Analysis11 September

Global warming: are we heading to a doomsday scenario?

Sergio Abranches

Chief US Climate negotiator Todd Stern’s statement at the House Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming that “the tenor of negotiations in the formal U.N. track has been difficult,” was only the most recent warning of a dimming prospect for an effective deal in Copenhagen. More »