Sergio Abranches, Ph.D., political science, is an independent researcher, writer, journalist and blogger, writing and commenting on Ecopolitics, the relationship between economic development, societal progress and the environment, with an emphasis on climate change and the Amazon; digital journalism, and future trends. Contributing writer to the Great Energy Blog, a partnership of Planet Forward with National Geographic.

Has a daily op-ed commentary on the Brazilian all-news radio network CBN (Ecopolítica) and edits two blogs: Ecopolity (ecopolity.com) in English, and Ecopolitica (www.ecopolitica.info) in Portuguese.

His work on the Muriquis (Brazilian spidermonkeys), primates of the Atlantic rainforest, co-authored with Brazilian journalist Míriam Leitão, published by O Eco and the O Globo daily newspaper was awarded the SOS Mata Atlântica prize for environmental journalism.