10 December, 2010

BASIC countries positively impressed by the document put together by the Secretariat of COP16

Sergio Abranches

The BASIC countries (Brazil, South Africa, India and China) have just met to evaluate the draft document that will serve as a basis for the Cancun resolution, and were pleased with what they’ve read.

A negotiator told me the document’s overall content is quite good and would provide a good basis for understanding. Another BASIC authority said sections on REDD+ and adaptation look very good and would represent real progress if adopted by the plenary. It seems that the section on finance has also pleased the BASIC countries.

An informal meeting to asses the document will take place shortly. Immediately after the Presidency takes note of the Parties’ reactions, the two working groups on the Kyoto Protocol and Long Term Cooperative Action will have their plenaries to approve the final version of their respective documents to be presented to the plenary of the Convention.

According to a Party things are looking brighter after they’ve read the Chair’s document, than they looked in the afternoon.

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