Analysis10 September

The Importance of Being Obama

Sergio Abranches

Obama delivered an extraordinary speech yesterday on Health Care. A speech that has elements that can only be understood if we account for the President’s singular political personality. More »

Analysis09 September

Obama: business as usual or a pivotal turning point in US politics?

Sergio Abranches

Obama’s election was, after all, mostly like every other presidential race in the US. A business as usual election of a business as usual administration. So says Princeton’s political scientist Larry M. Bartels.

Analysis05 September

China and Brazil thirsty for oil: what happened with promises to reduce carbon emissions?

Sergio Abranches

Over the last year and a half Chinese state-owned oil and petrochemical companies have committed near $160 billion to buy oil, and sand oil projects around the world, or to secure exclusive provision of oil from foreign producers. The Chinese thirst for oil knows no geopolitical constraints, no frontiers, no ideological impediments. Brazil is losing touch with reality.