Commentary20 March

The Libyan conflict now calls for strong political and diplomatic action

Military action imposing a no-fly zone over part of Libya, would only crystallize a divided Libya, without an aggressive political and diplomatic campaign. Such a campaign should aim at promoting the conditions for a peaceful and free regime change in Libya.

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Feature29 March

Conflict minerals and corporate responsibility

Sergio Abranches

Heavy-weights of the computer and electronic industries have joined forces to rid their supply-chains from “blood minerals” coming from the Congo’s militarized mines. More »

Feature23 March

Minerals of blood in our computers and cell phones?

High-tech is linked to war and brutality not only through the arms industry. Computers, cellphones, and other electronic equipment can be part of a shocking connection of highly advanced technology with human suffering, forced labor and unending war. Does it sound too preposterous?

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Op-Ed31 August

President Obama’s Afghan Trap

Sergio Abranches
President Obama is on a hazardous trail in Afghanistan. Since the campaign he showed conviction that the US public supported the Bush doctrine of homeland security. He also made all efforts, and continues to go too cautiously not to alienate his conservative following, at least as far as military policy is concerned.

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