Analysis03 October

Climate talks in Panama unlikely to end the logjam

Sergio Abranches

The last official preparatory meeting to the Climate Change Convention in Durban is taking place in Panama, since last Saturday. Negotiators will attempt to arrive at feasible drafts to be tabled at the next session of the Climate Convention, COP17, in Durban, South Africa. The signs are that an agreement on the core issues deadlocking conversations is unlikely to happen. More »

Analysis, Article15 July

The Future Is Low Carbon

Sergio Abranches

Moving from a high-carbon to a low-carbon economy entails replacing the global energy and industrial high-carbon infrastructure over the next decades. UN’s recent Economic and Social Survey 2011 – The Great Green Technological Transformation estimates replacement costs at $15-$20 trillion, or between one quarter and one third of global income. More »

Treks23 September

We’re crossing the planetary boundaries, and it may have disastrous consequences for us

We we are on a hazardous route for some time:  exceeding the safe limits of greenhouse gases emissions, pollution and other forms of extracting the planet’s resources as well as throwing the remains of our activities on its atmosphere, water and soil.

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Analysis09 September

Obama: business as usual or a pivotal turning point in US politics?

Sergio Abranches

Obama’s election was, after all, mostly like every other presidential race in the US. A business as usual election of a business as usual administration. So says Princeton’s political scientist Larry M. Bartels.

Op-Ed10 August

What if we are living at the edge of changes and breakthroughs that will lead us into an unknown stage of development?

Sergio Abranches

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Treks31 July

Are climate tipping points getting nearer?

“It is almost halfway through the rainy season, and the monsoon in many parts of South Asia continues to remain unreliable. In some places it has been crippling weak, while in others it has been devastatingly intense.” More »