Analysis24 February

Popular revolt and the digital conversation

Sergio Abranches

The uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East are unprecedented in many ways. There are no sufficiently comparable historical cases to help explaining them. They show a degree of spontaneous mobilization that can seldom be detected in social movements and political rebellions. Often political movements are characterized by high levels of militancy and the mediation of political organizations such as political parties and unions. Instead of a well defined political agenda, they have a clear, yet loosely articulated, set of primary demands: freedom; respect for human rights; jobs; income. More »

COP15, Treks05 January

Twitter meets climate change

Wandering across the corridors formed by the long tables in the Bella Center’s Media Center, I could see that most of the journalists there were using Twitter.

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Analysis23 October

It’s not about the media, it is about the Public

It goes far beyond a change in technology. It is a paradigm shift.

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