COP1730 November

Forest loss higher in Latin America in the 1990-2005 period says FAO new survey

Sergio Abranches, from Durban

A new, satellite-based survey released by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) shows the changes in the world’s forests. The survey indicates that forest land use declined between 1990 and 2005. The highest rate of forest conversion to other land uses in both periods was in South America, followed by Africa. More »

COP1727 November

A deadline far into the future for a climate agreement in Durban

Sergio Abranches, from Durban

The European Union has set its conditions to support a second period of commitment for the Kyoto Protocol, on a press conference, in Durban, where COP17 will officially start tomorrow.  More »

Feature18 August

They know: but who cares to ask them about it?

Sergio Abranches

The people of the forest know about our global predicament. But we seldom remember to ask them what they are experiencing.