Analysis01 November

Shift happens: how Brazil will change with the outcome of the presidential election

Sérgio Abranches

The election of Dilma Rousseff, Lula’s personal pick and former top aide, as next President of Brazil will trigger several important political shifts in the country.

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Op-Ed13 November

The Brazilian government celebrates the lowest ever level of deforestation in the Amazon

Preliminary satellite data points to the smaller amount of logging since measurement began. But can it be sustained?

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Feature04 November

Brazilian government still to decide about commitments to take to Copenhagen

Amid strong controversies among his ministers, president Lula has supposedly concluded a cabinet meeting, last Tuesday, by saying “we’ll move ahead, but first bring me a consensual policy with figures all of you agree with.”

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Feature01 October

Brazil prepares for the most competitive general elections in 15 years

The Brazilian electoral law has set October 3 as the deadline for those who want to run in the 2010 general elections to decide on their party affiliation.

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Analysis21 September

Brazil may be heading for the longest presidential campaign of its recent political history

Sérgio Abranches

The country is approaching the first marks of the 2010 election calendar. October 3 is the last day for candidates to register with a party to become eligible for candidacy.

Analysis11 August

Scenario for Brazilian Presidential election in 2010 can change swiftly if former Environment Minister Marina Silva decides to run

Sergio Abranches

Senator Marina Silva, former Environment Minister has already made up her mind and is likely to leave the Worker’s Party (PT) and run for President on a Green Party (PV) ticket in 2010, that’s what we can infer from what her closer associates are saying.