COP15, Treks05 January

Twitter meets climate change

Wandering across the corridors formed by the long tables in the Bella Center’s Media Center, I could see that most of the journalists there were using Twitter.

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Analysis, COP1530 December

Cosmopolitics in Copenhagen

Sergio Abranches

My computer screen showed climate militants marching and facing police blockades over the streets of Copenhagen and in the neighborhood of Bella Center. On the TV screens spread all over the crowded Media Center journalists could watch a plenary session of COP15, where government delegates discussed the most pressing global threat of the 21st Century. More »

Analysis23 October

It’s not about the media, it is about the Public

It goes far beyond a change in technology. It is a paradigm shift.

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Op-Ed20 August

Gothic democracies: when nihilism takes over

Sergio Abranches

When major parties are dominated by nihilists, party and leaders loose contact with real life. They’re like zombies haunting parliamentary culture. Through their actions, democracies may be corrupted, and public policy go astray.

Op-Ed13 August

The message is in the method, not in the media

Sergio Abranches

Wherever I go to discuss change in the 21st Century, I stumble upon the same idea. All disciplines, and all professions are full of people envisioning an ongoing – I didn’t say forthcoming – revolution. More »