Article23 August

Climate losses in the U.S. at $35 billion

Sérgio Abranches

Economic damage costs related to extreme climate events to date in the US exceed $35 Billion, says the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration – NOAA. These costs are likely to affect both the domestic and the global economies already facing a serious crisis. More »

Feature16 April

Human and economic consequences of extreme natural events

Sergio Abranches

Extreme natural events may be a source of huge human and economic losses, although they are not, in themselves ‘disasters’. A disaster happens when an extreme natural event reaches a populated area. More »

Analysis18 January

Think of Haiti, pray for Haiti, be a Haitian

Sérgio Abranches

If history will repeat itself again in Haiti, the country runs the risk of plunging into deep social regression. It is on the verge of a dreadful state of nature. A state where people are led by instinct, fed by pain, anger, despair, and distrust. More »