COP1710 December

COP17 shows political progress but still fail to meet climate science requirements

Sergio Abranches, from Durban

The documents still circulating at COP17 show notable political progress, but fall short of adequately meeting the risks already pointed out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — IPCC — fourth assessment of climate science. They are still under discussion, and final decision may still be significantly different. It is likely, however, they will keep the general thrust of the documents. More »

COP17, Treks05 December

Global carbon emissions increased 49% in two decades

Global carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels have increased by 49 per cent in the last two decades, shows study published in the journal Nature Climate Change.  More »

COP1703 December

No middle ground on central issues at COP17 in Durban

Sergio Abranches

As the first segment of COP17 comes to an inconclusive closing, negotiators are adding the bits and pieces coming out of their talks to figure out where they stand. They are working to narrow down the options to be presented to the ministers for further deliberation during the political segment, starting on Monday. More »

COP1702 December

Walking a steep path towards a fair deal in Durban at COP17

Sergio Abranches, from Durban

After a Thursday of rumors and very few press briefings, the technical segment of COP17 closes today with no clear outlines of a deal. A delegate said negotiators feel like walking a minefield with parties holding to incompatible bottom-line positions. Several key negotiators said yesterday that a relatively good package deal is likely to be approved, but they can’t foresee what it may contain. More »

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COP1701 December

Why there can be a deadlock when there is a balanced and fair solution on the table?

Sergio Abranches, from Durban

A question people frequently ask me is why even when it looks as all countries negotiating a global climate regime say they want a good solution at a COP (Convention of the Parties), and they seem to make quite similar proposals, the talks end in a logjam? More »

COP1730 November

A faint positive signal

Sergio Abranches, from Durban

The first day fully dedicated to informal consultations and negotiations in Durban, South Africa, where COP17 is convened, has produced faint signs that some progress may be possible over the next days. Some negotiators said today that there has been some movement forward regarding what they call technical issues. More »