Rioplus2011 June

Rio+20 begins with too much to decide in too little time

Sergio Abranches

Rio+20’s agenda is very broad, and delegates will have very little time to deal with all the issues. Negotiators have lost several weeks quarreling over almost every paragraph of a draft of resolutions to end up with 80 messy pages, 75% of which bracketed, i.e. undecided. More »

Op-Ed06 November

Will Copenhagen flop or cope? There is still hope.

With Barcelona just waiting for the final plenary session, all hopes of a breakthrough seem to have already vanished.

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Feature12 October

The emerging powers behind G77 should admit they belong to a different league

When Cop 10 failed in Buenos Aires, December 2004, there were two culprits for the deadlock of climate change negotiations: the US and G77. Bangkok ended deadlocked last September. The main agents leading to the standoff were the US and G77. The US, however, had completely changed its attitude towards a global climate change deal.

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