COP1702 December

Europe’s idea of a Durban mandate to draft a new deal

Sergio Abranches, from Durban

Negotiators for the European Union have been trying hard to ensure COP17 parties that the proposal for a pathway towards a new legally binding agreement is not an attempt to evade responsibilities nor to reduce the level of ambition regarding emissions reductions. More »

COP1727 November

A deadline far into the future for a climate agreement in Durban

Sergio Abranches, from Durban

The European Union has set its conditions to support a second period of commitment for the Kyoto Protocol, on a press conference, in Durban, where COP17 will officially start tomorrow.  More »

Op-Ed30 January

The Copenhagen Accord lives

Sergio Abranches

While the U.S. and the European Union embraced the Copenhagen Accord with no reserves, the BASIC countries said the Accord is not legal. The only legal instrument they accept is the Kyoto Protocol. Does it really matter if they adhere and record their quantitative voluntary actions? Is this an important divide between developed and emerging powers? More »

Analysis15 August

Will the Copenhagen deal be watered down?

Sergio Abranches

The answer to this question depends on the negotiation strategy that will be adopted, starting at the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh, next September.

More »