Article13 May

Brazil en route to becoming a global clean powerhouse

Brazil has all it takes to become a global clean energy powerhouse. More »

Treks20 January

Brazil to finance cellulosic ethanol

Sergio Abranches

Brazilian state-owned financial institutions will finance research and development of cellulosic ethanol, reports the Brazilian daily newspaper Valor Econômico. More »

COP1715 December

The Durban Platform: a political analysis

Sergio Abranches

Why the Durban Platform is a political breakthrough, but a dismal outcome in the light of climate science? More »

COP1710 December

COP17 shows political progress but still fail to meet climate science requirements

Sergio Abranches, from Durban

The documents still circulating at COP17 show notable political progress, but fall short of adequately meeting the risks already pointed out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — IPCC — fourth assessment of climate science. They are still under discussion, and final decision may still be significantly different. It is likely, however, they will keep the general thrust of the documents. More »

COP1708 December

The Durban package begins to take shape

Sergio Abranches, from Durban

COP17 president, South African minister of Foreign Relations Maite Emily Nkoana-Mashabane has asked a small group of parties to facilitate the final negotiations towards a package deal to be delivered in Durban. It is a sign that negotiations are moving towards a close. There still are some key issues pending a compromise solution, but all negotiators indicated they’ll cooperate to get the best outcome possible. More »

COP1702 December

Walking a steep path towards a fair deal in Durban at COP17

Sergio Abranches, from Durban

After a Thursday of rumors and very few press briefings, the technical segment of COP17 closes today with no clear outlines of a deal. A delegate said negotiators feel like walking a minefield with parties holding to incompatible bottom-line positions. Several key negotiators said yesterday that a relatively good package deal is likely to be approved, but they can’t foresee what it may contain. More »

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