COP1715 December

The Durban Platform: a political analysis

Sergio Abranches

Why the Durban Platform is a political breakthrough, but a dismal outcome in the light of climate science? More »

COP1608 December

World climate deal pending on unsaid words

Sergio Abranches

Every delegate is saying the same words here in Cancun. All press briefings and all plenary statements include the same set of keywords to login into the general conversation: balanced package, compromise, transparency. But the deal is depending on the words that have not been said. Unsaid words have become the core password to an agreement. More »

Article28 July

The BASIC meeting in Rio has made more progress than the official statement said

Sérgio Abranches

The BASIC meeting in Rio has had many new developments, but they were not mentioned in the official Joint Statement. More »

Op-Ed30 January

The Copenhagen Accord lives

Sergio Abranches

While the U.S. and the European Union embraced the Copenhagen Accord with no reserves, the BASIC countries said the Accord is not legal. The only legal instrument they accept is the Kyoto Protocol. Does it really matter if they adhere and record their quantitative voluntary actions? Is this an important divide between developed and emerging powers? More »