Op-Ed, Treks14 December

IPCC issues statement regarding leakage of a draft report

The IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – has issued a detailed statement on an unauthorized version of a draft report from its Working Group I that is circulating on the Web. You can read it here.



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Visual24 November

Hope for the Muriquis

The largest primate of the Americas, the Muriquis, are a critically endangered species. On a private reserve in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil (RPPN Feliciano Miguel Abdala) an alliance between science and conservation has saved a group of “Muriquis do Norte” – Northern Muriquis – (Brachyteles hypoxanthus) from extinction. There are over 300 individuals, in the 950 hectares of the reserve. Only 30 years ago their population was around 50. But they need ecological corridors to expand farther into other adjacent fragments of the Atlantic Rainforest to become a viable population. More »

COP1817 September

Doha: the long way to a new Climate Deal


Sergio Abranches

After a week of informal conversations in Bangkok, Thailand, negotiators already know what stumbling blocks they will face on the way towards  a successful meeting of the parties to the Climate Convention, COP18, in Doha, Qatar, November 26 to December 7. Most of the obstacles come from an old quarrel between the US and Europe, on the one side, and China, India and Brazil, on the other, on the meaning of the principle of common but differentiated obligations under the Climate Convention. More »

Rioplus2020 June

Rio+20 Looking for a political outcome

A Technical Note on the Brazilian negotiation strategy at Rio+20

Sergio Abranches

How to postpone decisions and yet have an outcome? The Brazilian strategy at Rio+20 was a model of strategic postponing of substantive decisions on a multilateral political setting marked by polarized conflict. More »

Rioplus2018 June

Time as a means for confict-resolution

Sergio Abranches

With too much to decide and little time to deal with sticking issues, negotiators are streamlining the draft of resolutions and replacing decisions by a framework for future negotiations. It is very likely that the strategy negotiators are now pursuing at Rio+20 will be very similar to the one adopted in Durban, at the climate change talks in COP17. More »

Rioplus2014 June

Rio+20: No consensus no deal

Sergio Abranches

A few sticking points are blocking the way to a satisfactory deal on Rio+20’s resolutions. Unresolved divergencies on some central points make it almost sure negotiations will not succeed before the preparatory committee meeting (prepcom) closes at the end of the day tomorrow. More »