COP1706 December

Global warming not slowing down: study

Global warming is showing no signs of slowing down and further increases are to be expected in the next few decades, shows a new study published today, in the Environmental Research Letters. More »

COP1706 December

Deciding on process rather than on action

Sergio Abranches, from Durban

A perusal of discussions on preliminary results of informal consultations shows that negotiators are streamlining options, preferably to come down to only two alternatives. More »

COP1705 December

Words of consensus, meanings apart

Sergio Abranches, from Durban

Negotiators from the United States, China and Brazil said today in their press briefings that they agree with a legally binding climate change agreement for all countries by 2020. To sign into a second period of commitments under the Kyoto Protocol, the European Union has set as a condition that major emitters agree to a roadmap and timeline towards a common legally binding agreement to enter into force no later than 2020. More »

COP17, Treks05 December

Global carbon emissions increased 49% in two decades

Global carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels have increased by 49 per cent in the last two decades, shows study published in the journal Nature Climate Change.  More »

COP1703 December

No middle ground on central issues at COP17 in Durban

Sergio Abranches

As the first segment of COP17 comes to an inconclusive closing, negotiators are adding the bits and pieces coming out of their talks to figure out where they stand. They are working to narrow down the options to be presented to the ministers for further deliberation during the political segment, starting on Monday. More »

COP1702 December

Europe’s idea of a Durban mandate to draft a new deal

Sergio Abranches, from Durban

Negotiators for the European Union have been trying hard to ensure COP17 parties that the proposal for a pathway towards a new legally binding agreement is not an attempt to evade responsibilities nor to reduce the level of ambition regarding emissions reductions. More »