COP1606 December

A day of frantic drafting in Cancun

Sergio Abanches

COP16 closes today its technical segment with no concrete result. Even the draft document sketching the lines of a possible new global climate deal is a “non-paper”, a non-negotiating document. More »

COP1604 December

Waste management can help to close the Copenhagen Accord’s emissions gap

Sérgio Abranches

UNEP has just issued a report that collects evidence showing the role adequate waste management could have in saving greenhouse gases emissions. More »

COP1603 December

Closing the doors in Cancun, or how transparency is gone

Sergio Abranches

How the physical environment is segregating the key players of global climate politics, and decisively influencing the way negotiations take place at COP16. More »

COP1601 December

A ‘Post-Copenhagen’ climate in Cancun

Sergio Abranches

Cancun has opened as a regular COP, without the rumors, conflict and all the fuss that marked Copenhagen from the very first day. But the climate in the corridors of the Moon Palace is clearly a ‘Post-Copenhagen’ one. More »

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