COP1516 December

Gridlocked COP15 is giving place to a political summit

When Connie Hedegaard renounced the presidency of COP15 this morning, she also marked the transition from a diplomatic meeting to a political one.

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COP1515 December

Deadlock at COP15: maneuvering on the brink

Negotiators have given up talks on the harder issues and decided to transfer the burden of the agreement to the ministers. The climate summit is on the brink of a collapse.

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COP1514 December

Split, block, and go

Climate talks have stalled today, after African delegations decided to walk out of all working groups this morning. After a long and nervous day of informal talks, South Africa apparently persuaded the African delegations not to take any extreme action before at least one more day of formal and informal negotiations.

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COP1514 December

The CRU-Hack affair will end with transparent science

An independent review of CRU’s scientific production will be undertaken to clear any remaining doubts about the reliability of its findings. The critical data banks will be rebuilt transparently and independently.

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COP1512 December

A changing climate at Bella Center

The day began today with a major street march of green militants in Copenhagen. It was a peaceful demonstration with few incidents with the enormous political apparatus. Within the corridors of the Bella Center, where COP 15 is taking place, it is seemingly quiet, but there is much nervousness and the climate is changing fast.

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COP1511 December

When non-decisions are more important than decisions: the role of brackets in climate diplomacy

Two documents are under formal consultation today in Copenhagen. If approved, they will be presented to the political heads of COP15 delegations, for a “pre-COP’ to be held on Sunday.

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