Op-Ed13 November

The Brazilian government celebrates the lowest ever level of deforestation in the Amazon

Preliminary satellite data points to the smaller amount of logging since measurement began. But can it be sustained?

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Analysis12 November

Huge power failure in Brazil reveals energy policy blackout

Brazilian federal authorities have no satisfactory explanation for the power blackout that affected 18 states last Tuesday for several hours. A sign that grid management wasn’t prepared to deal with systemic risk.

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Op-Ed06 November

Will Copenhagen flop or cope? There is still hope.

With Barcelona just waiting for the final plenary session, all hopes of a breakthrough seem to have already vanished.

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Feature04 November

Brazilian government still to decide about commitments to take to Copenhagen

Amid strong controversies among his ministers, president Lula has supposedly concluded a cabinet meeting, last Tuesday, by saying “we’ll move ahead, but first bring me a consensual policy with figures all of you agree with.”

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Treks04 November

The World in 2050

It is in our power to eradicate poverty by 2050; it is in our power to eradicate disease by 2050; but it is also in our power to destroy ourselves by 2050.” (Ian Goldin)

The Royal Geographic Society has hosted , last September, a panel discussion on “The World in 2050”, with scientific experts from the 21st Century School. More »

Analysis03 November

China and Brazil: two key players in Copenhagen

China will likely play a pivotal role at COP15, next December in Copenhagen. Brazil can also have a leading role. This decision is on president Lula’s hand today.

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